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Regular writer in Better Marketing, Noteworthy, and Write to Inspire. Criminology undergrad.

Horror author, a writer about writing, and I also have a crazy plan to live in a van, but that’s a tale for another time.

That’s me!

If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s write. If there’s one thing I like to do even more, it’s write about writing.

Speaking of writing, my debut Gothic horror story DEAR ANNABELLE is available on Kindle. As for writing about all that good stuff, check the latest articles below.

On Medium I’ve written for Better Marketing, The Pink, Noteworthy, Write to Inspire, Writer’s Blokke and Feedium.

From tips to how to sell books and market yourself as an author:

I also write personal essays, occasionally:

A balance between being relatable and professional.

Black mug with a white Twitter logo in the center.
Photo by E MORAN on Unsplash

Many people, even those attempting to play some kind of trade from the platform, prefer to keep their Twitter presence fairly causal. However, the more successful accounts like this are as present as a brand as they are a person.

Running a successful brand account on Twitter is not just about reaching high follower and engagement numbers, it’s also about being a voice that people look to despite the fact that you are a brand.

Since 26th February 2021, my own brand account (as an author, blogger and freelance proofreader) has grown by over 6,500 followers, and engagement has remained…

Especially if you have ADHD; it’s making you less likely to get anything done

Photo by Meo at Pexels

In today’s culture of hustle and bustle, focusing your efforts on a single task at a time from start to finish is often seen as a good way to waste precious time. What may surprise you is that it’s quite the opposite.

We’ve all had one of those days, picture the scene:

You’re working on a freelance article with a deadline. To stop yourself from going crazy, you check in on Twitter once in a while. Every now and then you open Spotify to make sure you have just the right musical vibe going on. …

Short stories require a different approach to writing a full manuscript

Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash

Writing a short story requires a unique approach compared to writing a full novel; your word count is very limited, which means the time in which you have to tell your story is limited as well.

It’s vital to make every second count. The trick is to leave your reader wishing there was more to read, without the reason being because you haven’t been conclusive in your writing. Without further ado, here’s some quick tips to write a great short story. I’ve also included some short stories to read that might give some inspiration:

  1. Have a backstory, just don’t include…

Why ‘finish everything’ is a harmful mentality that could hinder more than help

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

If there’s one thing about today’s work culture I’m not a fan of, it’s that we must finish everything that we start, or we are a failure.

I remember one day as a relatively plucky twenty-something; I told my mom about a new idea I had. I can’t remember now specifically what it was for; perhaps a story or a creative project. Either way, I recall her raising her eyebrows and letting out a rather sardonic, ‘Oh, really?’

It gave me pause. My mother wasn’t known for her encouraging behaviour when it came to her youngest daughter, but I took…

There are very minimal circumstances where one’s age influences whether someone should do something.

Photo by Vladimir Soares on Unsplash

Before we crack on, here’s a quick test to determine if you’re too old for something. Answer the following question and circle the appropriate answer that fits you best:

Are you clinically dead? Yes/No

Oh, what’s that? You’re not dead? Fantastic. In that case, you’re not too old.

You’re still a child, Sally — take several seats

Listen Sally, I know that you’re about to turn 18 in six months and you still haven’t bought a home, started your own multi-million dollar startup, found a husband and pushed out four children, but I promise you that your life isn’t over. You haven’t failed.

I also promise you that nobody…

Personal Essay

Raised in an ageist world that tells most adults that they’re either too old, or soon will be, I’m laughing in the face of that

Photo by Florian Schreiber on Unsplash

At the end of June, 2021, I turned 38 years old. It’s a bizarre and jolting thing to realise that you’ve existed for almost four decades —all in all, not too long off half a century. In a couple of years, I’ll be officially considered middle-aged.

I was blessed with a young face, and despite some health problems, on the inside I don’t feel like I’m even in my thirties most of the time. I’m extremely young spirited, despite possessing a reasonable emotional maturity.

These past few years I’ve been asking myself: if I look young, and I feel young…

Some publications are picky, but you’ll likely find you’re doing something wrong, and fixable.

Photo by Daniel Herron on Unsplash

I only began writing on Medium on 28th June, but went into it with the aim of doing well. I treated it like a part-time job, and wrote about things I not only loved, but had experience in.

At the time of writing, the hard work and attention to quality is definitely paying off. I’ve been published in two large publications, Better Marketing and Noteworthy, and also published in a few smaller ones, such as Write to Inspire, Writer’s Blokke and Feedium.

The post I wrote for Better Marketing was almost immediately picked for further distribution (curated).

I’ve only been…

Medical Misogyny

And I’m not going to take it anymore. It’s time to take back my rights, and my body.

Original photo: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Show of hands please, ladies

How many of you have been to a doctor with a plaguing problem, only to be sent home with paracetamol after a three-minute consult?

How many of you have had problems with your reproductive system, only to repeatedly be told to come back in 6 months for another check to see if you’re worse?

How many of you are now immeasurably sick, suffering, or worse, because of these types of neglectful behaviours?

I can’t see you right now, but I would bet there’s a fair number of hands going up.

The idea of male doctors brushing off the worries of…

Believe it or not, I also love what I do with a burning passion

Photo by Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash

There is an alarming amount of gate-keeping surrounding why a writer writes. Whether we are talking about blogs, novels, poetry — it doesn’t seem to matter.

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. I’ve written seven books, abandoned at least seven more, written countless poems and published a short horror story on Kindle recently. I’ve also blogged on and off for over a decade.

In brief, writing is one of my few burning passions that nothing and nobody will ever successfully tear away from me. …

Scout Dawson

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